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    Further reading. Arjava, Antti (2006). "The Mystery Cloud of 536 CE in the Mediterranean Sources". Dumbarton Oaks Papers.59.Washington, DC: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection. pp. 7394.

  3. www.un.org/apps/news/UN70anniversaryphotos.asp

    United Nations at 70: Moments and Milestones A photo exhibit at UN Headquarters looks back at the Organizations 70-year journey and some of the formative events that shaped its history.

  4. https://garden.lovetoknow.com/garden-basics/famous-botanical-gardens

    Singapore, a former British colony on the Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia, was founded as an outpost of the global spice trade that catalyzed the European exploration of Asia centuries ago.

  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Venta

    La Venta was a civic and ceremonial center. While it may have included as-yet-undiscovered regal residences, habitation for the non-regal elite and the commoners were located at outlying sites such as San Andrés.Instead of dwellings, La Venta is dominated by a restricted sacred area (Complex A), the Great Pyramid (Complex C), and the

  6. https://www.nytartleadersnetwork.com

    This April 25-26 in Berlin, The New York Times brings together a select group of the worlds most distinguished art experts and influencersfrom dealers and gallery owners to architects, museum directors and curators, from auctioneers and collectors to art industry advisers and corporate executives.. The economics and dynamics of the art

  7. www.paddlesteamers.info/Turbine Steamers/QueenMary.htm

    Good news about the future of TS Queen Mary : After years of uncertainty, the ship now looks to have an assured future in the ownership of a charitable preservation Trust in what was, during her working life, her home port - Glasgow.The charity has widespread support, celebrity patronage and maritime experts amongst its trustees.. A ship with a

  8. www.electrummagazine.com/2011/...persia-eden-and-beyond-as-chahar-bagh

    Garden of Eden as chahar bagh. In the above Genesis passage, several significant ideas leap out. First, a garden is planted; it is not an accident but a deliberate, planned entity.

  9. visar.csustan.edu/aaba/auditingpage.html

    This page provides news and offers concerned people a forum for sharing their views and experiences. Write to AABA and tell us about the scams operated by auditors.

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    Coin - Coinage in western continental Europe, Africa, and the Byzantine Empire: The fall of Roman power in the West left the gold currency of the Byzantine Empire undisturbed; it was to become the most dominant single influence in European coinage for 1,000 years, competing at first with the gold of the Arab caliphates and later with that