1. humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/dating

    Here of some of the well-tested methods of dating used in the study of early humans: Potassium-argon dating, Argon-argon dating, Carbon-14 (or Radiocarbon), and Uranium series.All of these methods measure the amount of radioactive decay of chemical elements; the decay occurs in a consistent manner, like a clock, over long periods of …

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    History European settlement. The Penobscot people have inhabited the area around present-day Bangor for at least 11,000 years and still occupy tribal land on the nearby Penobscot Indian Island Reservation.They practised some agriculture, but less than peoples in southern New England where the climate is milder, and subsisted on what …

  3. www.bangorcivicsociety.org.uk/timeline.htm

    Flint Arrowheads . 3000 BC . Neolithic Man was well established throughout the North Wales region. Excavations of settlements dating back five thousand years have taken place in several sites around Bangor; for example, the dig carried out by the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust in 2005.

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    Bangor is a city in the county of Gwynedd. The city is one of the smallest in Wales with a population of around 13,000 - not taking into considertion the 10,000 plus students at Bangor University. The Welsh language maintains a high profile in the town despite less than 50% being fluent speakers. Bangor is home to Ysbyty Gwynedd, the main hospital for North West Wales and Bangor

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    Blending the sophistication of a modern, award winning 4 Star Hotel with the traditional trappings of an historic coaching inn dating back to 1614, this striking hotel provides a unique destination for the discerning traveller.

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    She is known to be something of a party-girl, and has been spotted on a number of raucous nights out during her career. And Katie Price certainly showed no signs of stopping on Saturday night, as she embarked on a wild club appearance in Bangor - which saw her strike a number of bizarre poses and cosy up to multiple party-goers.. …

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    Gerald Davies, Christopher McIntyre, Kenneth Vincent and Phillip Bigley were all sentenced to prison for their part in running a hidden, industrial-sized cannabis farm in Bangor, north Wales (pictured).

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    Parking shock at Aldi in Bangor. ALDI in Bangor has left some of its customers shocked after they were hit with £70 fines for parking in the store’s car park.